The Telegraph’s One Sided Approach.

The Telegraph (October 9, 2015) Headline Reads: “Why is the world ignoring a wave of terror in Israel?”.

As tensions continue to rise in the West Bank numerous journalists have attempted to highlight the causes and solutions. In doing so, one such journalist, Arsen Ostrovsky, completely disregards the nuances of the conflict. In his article for the Telegraph he writes that “such acts of pitiless slaughter are the direct result of a pervasive Palestinian infrastructure headed by PA President Mahmoud Abbas, indoctrinating hate, inciting violence and instilling a worldview justifying such gruesome acts”. Nowhere within the article does Ostrovsky highlight the issues of Israeli occupation, IDF brutality or the continual violations to the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The implication of such comments, renders Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority the root cause of the violence.

Such a retelling of recent events within the West Bank only seeks to create further divisions and ruptures.


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