Daily Mail’s claim that migrants are determined to reach the UK

The Daily Mail (September 21, 2015)

Headline reads: “20,000 Migrants in Just Two Days”

Ian Drury, the Mail’s Home Affairs correspondent, writes that 20,000 migrants crossed into Austria over the weekend, and they were ‘determined to reach Germany, Scandinavia or the UK‘. In this claim, he asserts that the UK is faced with the same number of migrants as Germany. There is no truth to this – the number of migrants waiting in camps at Calais is dwarfed by the numbers in Eastern Europe and Germany. Between January and June 2014, the United Kingdom had received fewer than 25,000 applications for asylum. In the same period, Germany had received approximately 175,000.

By equating the number of migrants trying to reach Britain with the number trying to reach Germany, the author unnecessarily contributes to a wider sense of fear among the British public.