Wall Street Journal’s article on a new migrant rush


Wall Street Journal (September 9, 2015)

Headline reads: “Migrant Wave Inspires Followers”

This front-page article on an impending fresh migrant wave by Nour Malas and Joe Parkinson centres on an unsourced claim. The article claims that “stories and images of migrants pouring into Europe are inspiring thousands more from Iraq to Nigeria, to rush out on their own risky journeys…” This claim is never backed by credible evidence throughout the article. Instead, the authors cite one Iraqi 27-year old in Baghdad International Airport heading off for Greece via Turkey with five friends as an example of the new wave of migrants from Iraq attempting to reach Europe.

Moreover, the alleged surge in migration from Nigeria to Europe is also only backed up by the quotes of one individual, in this case a Nigerian in a camp in northern Nigeria, wanting to make his way to Europe.

Of course, it could very well be true that there is a second rush of migrants coming to Europe from countries such as Iraq and Nigeria, but the claim so far is unsubstantiated. Quotes from single individuals on the ground, whilst valuable, are not credible enough for claims of a new migration surge.